Decrease Payments With Credit Card Debt Consolidation

There are many consumers who use their credit cards for everything – they charge all of their gasoline, groceries and purchases to a credit card. This may be for a rewards program, for ease and convenience, or even to meet budget needs that their current income cannot. Regardless of the reasons for relying on a credit card, there are a few banks and credit card companies that are charging ridiculously high interest rates on all outstanding balances.


Many of these consumers are carrying ongoing balances on their credit cards from month to month, and by doing so are barely reducing their total balance, and instead are just paying the bank their bloated interest rates. Such consumers can greatly benefit from a credit card debt consolidation loan or program.


Using the services of a consolidation service or lending agency will allow a consumer to group all of their outstanding debt into a single loan with a significantly lower rate of interest. A credit card debt consolidation allows a consumer to repay their debt quickly and at a much more reasonable rate.

There are two common methods of performing a credit card debt consolidation – the first is through a secured loan, and the second is through a personal loan. A secured loan is generally available to homeowners, and will often be called a second mortgage, equity loan, or equity line of credit. These are usually available through a bank, mortgage company, or debt consolidation service. These loans will vary in regards to interest rates and repayment terms, but they are an excellent method or reducing monthly payments and eliminating debt quickly.


The other method, a personal loan, can be a secured loan if a consumer has collateral property to offer, and they may also be an unsecured loan. The interest rates on unsecured loans are usually a bit higher than those made against collateral, but overall interest rates of personal loans are still much lower than most credit card and consumer accounts.


When a consumer decides to seek out a credit card debt consolidation loan or program they should take some time to review a few offers and do some basic research. For example, a lending agency should have the correct certifications and professional standings. If a credit card debt consolidation loan will be a lien against a home, such as a mortgage or equity loan, it is a good idea to have the family lawyer review the terms and requirements.

If the consolidation loan is a personal loan, without collateral, the borrower should be sure that their actions, or the actions of the lender, will not negatively impact their consumer credit in any way. A personal loan should also have an interest rate that is significantly lower than the credit cards and consumer accounts being paid off. If the interest rate and monthly payment is not much lower than the combined credit payments a consumer should investigate other consolidation options.


There are a tremendous number of benefits to using credit card debt consolidation products and services. Many credit counselors help their clients create a great loan with terrific terms, offer training on financial management and budgets and help individuals and families regain financial stability. The stress and strain of credit debt can be eliminated when it is rolled into a single, manageable monthly payment.